Egyptian-Dutch stylist and fashion editor Jasmine adapts and transforms her style like a chameleon.The art of dress up was always second nature to this Halloween born creator. Inspired by pop culture, film and runway fashion she developed her style as colorful and eclectic with a European edge.

Since 2003 Jasmine has lived and worked from San Francisco and traveled extensively to bring global inspiration to every project. From a background in graphic design and trend forecasting she has developed identities and has done consulting for Nordstrom, Nike and Westfield to name a few.

Now operating from both East and West coast, she will be a powerful collaborator on your team.

Jasmine loves:

alpaca's, writing without capitals, cooking, long haired animals, paddleboarding, boots, designing, foraging for mushrooms, period costuming, playing dress up, dirty latte's, renovating, cashmere, african art, indie fonts, dinner parties, upcycling, dutchie bikes, cast iron skillets, vintage trailers, shearling moccasins, organic linen, kale, green juice, growing food, epsom salt baths, hot summers, peace, Japanese crews, California, gypsies & bedouins, sulfite free red wine, outdoor showers, authenticity, cooking, farmers markets, ceramic knifes, green juice, redwoods, mint tea, feathers, creativity, flanel, crooked teeth, humor, honesty, the Salton sea, cabins with a fireplace, travelling, texture, french fries, letter press, reclaimed wood, moroccan rugs, massages, hot springs, sunshine, dream catchers, poetry, spring water, lemons, wooden spoons.

Jasmine dreams about:
costuming a Wes Anderson film, opening a juice bar, dancing on tunes from Robot Heart during sunrise.

Photo by Christine Ting for Refinery29